Serres Ranch was established in 1924 in Sonoma, CA. Our ranch is nestled in the Valley of the Moon, where surrounding mountains narrow down to the smallest part of the valley, creating its own unique microclimate suitable for growing world-class red wines.

Serres Ranch harvest

For decades, our family has worked tirelessly alongside Mother Nature to grow the finest quality grape varietals for some of the most acclaimed and recognized brands in the industry. Today, the fifth generation of our family is proud to present Serres Ranch wines.

We welcome you to visit us on the ranch and learn more about what makes our family story and vineyards unique.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment for a ranch tour. For more information call 707-695-9144.

The geothermal activity that occurs under our vines allows for a warmer than average climate giving Serres Ranch the benefit to not be affected by frost and other cold weather problems. Being farmers first and stewards of our land, we grow what will grow best in the microclimate, not what is on-trend. We are in it for the long haul.

Therefore, when you visit us on the ranch, you will taste estate-grown red wines, varietals we know give the best expression of the land we have been farming for generations.